“When words become unclear,  I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate,  I shall be content with silence”  – Ansel Adams -

A few things about me

My name is Heinz Koch and I am a nature and landscape photographer currently based in Germany. As a completely self-taught photographer, I started my photographic journey in the late 60′s with my fathers Voigtlaender Vito BL. My second camera, was a Minolta 101 MRT and then an Olympus OM4 with which I photographed until the beginning of 1990 eventually switching to a Nikon 801s. In 2002, I took out a loan to buy one of the first Nikon D100 and eventually a Nikon D200 which I paid off over the years. Today I am an owner of a Nikon D800 and a Nikon D7100. Cameras have come and gone, and my equipment has changed over the years, but my aim has always remained the same: To show nature in all its glory and beauty, and to capture those awe-inspiring moments and places that only few people ever experience with their own eyes.

In each of my photographs, I try to present a scene the way I felt it, and not necessarily just the way I saw it. This is because, to me, the most important challenge in making a photograph is to elicit an emotional response in the viewer. I feel comfortable in adjusting colors, contrast, and other aspects of a photograph in order to strengthen the emotional message a photograph should convey (especially in the digital age, which offers the photographer many possibilities that simply did not exist before). And while it is important to me that the results still very much resemble reality, I do not claim to be a photo journalist that captures reality in its purest sense. Just like a painter, a photographer should be allowed to make a piece of art rather than just take a photograph.

The focus of my photographs is almost solely on landscapes. In my eyes, the sight of a spectacular sunset, a pristine waterfall, or a vast and deserted landscape are the things that allow us to escape from our daily routine and to start dreaming. I find peace of mind when making these photographs and observing the beauty of nature, and I am trying to evoke the same feelings in the viewers of my photographs.

Purpose of this website

The main purpose of this website is, of course, to promote my work. Apart from showing you my portfolio of my best shots, I am also trying to tell you the story behind the photographs in (more or less) regular “photo of the day” blog entries. Fine-art prints of my photographs will also be available soon via an online store – please follow my blog if you want to be notified when the store goes live. Further ways of making my work available are currently being evaluated.