This portfolio contains some of my best photographs and will be updated continuously with new releases as time permits. If you are interested in buying any of these photographs as fine art prints or in any other form, please contact me.


Azores - Sao Miguel

The Azores is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal, composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, and is located about 1,360 km (850 mi) west of continental Portugal. There are nine major Azorean islands and an islet cluster, in three main groups. These are Flores and Corvo, to the west; Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, and Faial in the centre; and São Miguel, Santa Maria, and the Formigas Reef to the east.

Lanzarote - Island of Fire

Lanzarote, a Spanish island, is the easternmost of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 125 km (78 mi) off the coast of Africa and has a volcanic origin. Covering 845.9 square kilometers (327 sq mi), it is the fourth largest of the Canary islands.


Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago that lies just under 400 kilometres (250 mi) north of Tenerife, Canary Islands, in the north Atlantic Ocean and an outermost region of the European Union. The archipelago comprises the major part of one of the two Autonomous regions of Portugal (the other being the Azores located to the northwest), that includes the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo, and the Desertas, administered together with the separate archipelago of the Savage Islands.


Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain. It shares a border with England to the south, and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the North Sea to the east and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the south-west. In addition to the mainland, the country is made up of more than 790 islands, including the Northern Isles and the Hebrides.



A cityscape could be called the urban equivalent of a landscape and when I’m not out and about in nature I occasionally wander around in Towns or cities with my camera. Landscape photography is, however, what I love most, but it does help a great deal that I live in central Europe surrounded by wonderful cities and quaint historical villages. The city of Dresden, in the eastern parts of Germany, is currently my home and therefore you will find a great deal of my photos being that of this famous city on the banks of the river Elbe.


“Photography is a 4D object leaving its footprint, its “trace,” in a 2D layer. When this happens for a 3D object, it is easy for a mind to visualize its 3D morphology. In order to envision a 4D object, however, one needs the power of Fine Art photography.”