Lanzarote, the island born through fiery eruptions and covered by solidified lava streams as well as extravagant rock formations. During this trip in May 2014 I wasn’t sure what to expect from an island covered by dormant volcanoes. Only 300 years ago countless villages on Lanzarote were devastated by the eruption of 32 new volcanoes over  a period of 6 years, thereby Lava covers 1/4 of the islands surface. To wander across and through these fields of destruction is a lifetime experience and one quickly realizes the immense power of nature and how the human race is dwarfed nothingness.  Lanzarote is constantly buffeted by high winds, dust storms, extreme heat on the lava fields and for a landscape photographer, such as me this trip was an ultimate challenge. My photos of this magnificent island will only do it little justice.

H71_7124.jpgH71_6863.jpgH71_6893.jpgH71_7190_altered.jpgH71_6871.jpgH71_6928 Panorama.jpgH71_6969.jpgH71_7134.jpgH71_7266.jpgH71_7402_krebs.jpgH71_7464.jpgH71_7607.jpgH71_7450.jpgH71_7143.jpgH71_7631 Panorama.jpgH71_7248.jpgH71_6993.jpgH71_7028.jpgH71_7340 Panorama.jpgH71_7372.jpg